The seminar is part of the 50thyear celebrations of the School of Architecture, CEPT University, Ahmedabad. It is against this background that we propose to discuss the Future of Architectural education in general and possible direction for the School of Architecture in particular. A Conference on Architectural Education at Ahmedabad is perhaps a moment to reflect on the continuing need for architecture to manifest and express and evoke every culture’s imagination. How can we maintain and nurture this deep purpose of architecture in today’s world? How do we organize education so that the diversity of imagination is nurtured and strengthened? What are the challenges that the School of Architecture at Ahmedabad must gear itself to address the future? We invite you to join us to discuss these questions

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Full papers will be invited from academics, professionals and alumni to speculate on the subject. Apart from paper presentations, three Key note address are also planned during the beginning of each paper reading sessions

Submit the Paper here

Day 1

Session 1 : Keynote by Nabil Hamdi (to be confirmed)

Session 2: Paper Presentations


Session 3: Paper Presentations

Day 2

Session 1 : Keynote

Session 2: Paper Presentations


Session 3: Discussions and Conclusion


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